Eight #OpenMinds on 29th of January 2020

At January’s #OpenMinds LGBTQ+ Punjabi support group we talked about success and praise in Punjabi culture. Traditional values have different expectations of men and women. Marriage and children can raise your status and being lgbtq+ can cause shame and guilt.


Status is like having stocks or shares in a company and being #lgbtq+ can make you feel like your stocks have crashed.

Migration is tough and some of our parents still think of India or Africa as a home that they will return to in the future.


We talked about how this home might have changed so much that they wouldn’t recognise it or fit in if they did return.
We talked about how this impacted on our own identities.
We finished by talking about how we can disrupt narratives that are holding us back or are outdated


We talked about the lgbtq+heros who have come before us and how we are always standing on the shoulders of those who came before us.
At Londons February’s meeting we’ll be discussing our own take on #lgbtq history month.


This time we have tried a new visual approach to summarise our recent #OpenMinds workshop – We would like your thoughts in the comments below. Find out more about Kuljit here.

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You are, like so many people in the world – and not just lgbtq – are suffering because of the badness of others. Including many who falsely claim to be religious.

Being Punjabi and LGBTQ is challenging. Sarbat and Taraki have teamed up to create a friendly, safe space for Punjabi Sikh LGBTQ people to meet and support each other. The group takes place once a month and you can attend as many or as few sessions as you need. Success in Punjabi culture is often based on finances and the ability to marry and have children. At January’s meeting we’ll be thinking about the challenges of being Punjabi, LGBTQ and being successful in the eyes of your friends and family. 

Great analysis, I love how you really went in-depth with everything it really projects what one needs to know about eight openminds on-29th of January 2019. You have done an excellent job with this content I must say.

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