Bhajneek’s visit to Mill Hill Chapel for Leeds Pride

Find out more about our Leeds based Sarbat volunteer Bhajneek’s visit to Mill Hill Chapel for an inclusive Pride fair and an interfaith service.

On the afternoon of Leeds Pride on 4th August 2019, Mill Hill Chapel in Leeds held an inclusive Pride fair and an interfaith service which celebrated and reflected on the common thread of spirituality between our traditions. The service included representation from the Unitarian, Anglican, Muslim and Sikh communities. The Sikh faith was represented by Naminder Singh Soorma of Leeds and Bhajneek Kaur of Bradford. The Sikh part of the service included an introduction to the Mool Mantar and core messages of Oneness. Following this the congregation were led in Naam Simran, and reflected on the message of equality from Guru Nanak Dev Ji. During the service all the different faith representatives provided messages of inclusiveness, drawing on teachings from their respective traditions. The service concluded with a musical interlude.

Naminder Singh Soorma holds a weekly simran session in Mill Hill Chapel on a Tuesday lunchtime from 12.30-13.00 which is well attended by people of all faiths who work in the city centre of Leeds. Bhajneek Kaur is a volunteer and member of Sarbat and runs a monthly spirituality group in Bradford.

Thanks to Mill Hill Chapel for organising a lovely event, and providing a space for Sikh in Leeds to reflect and do simran. Hopefully this will be the beginning of many joint endeavours to promote spirituality in LGBTQ safe spaces.

Mill Hill is a liberal religious community offering an approach to spirituality which is participatory and inclusive. It is led by Unitarians who have their roots in Judaeo-Christian tradition. This is a wisdom tradition which emphasises reason, freedom of conscience and the inherent worth of all without regard to age, ability, race, sexuality/identity or gender. It acknowledges the validity of other approaches to the Divine and sacred.

– Bhajneek Kaur (On behalf of Sarbat)

Sarbat would like more local volunteers to be involved in and around the UK. Please get in touch if you are interested.

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Hello Bhajneek

Just dropping a line to say hello…

I wonder when your monthly group is ?

I’m in Huddersfield

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