Our October meetup in Birmingham

Saran talks about our recent #ComeTogetherInBirmingham meetup event that took place on the 2nd of October 2016.

We came together in Birmingham for our October meetup, the first LGBT+ event organised by a Sikh Darbaar. There were four of us, representing North American, British Asian and Northern European cultures. There was an instant feeling of friendship, of coming home into a relaxed hanging out atmosphere, sharing food and a cuppa. There was an easy flow of getting to know each other. Our stories flowed and were received by each other. We talked about everything from dating to spirituality, and there were many big laughs and lots of humor to the occasion. We also spent some time in the darbaar with the Guru, sharing in the sewa and enjoying some special kirtan.

When we come together to connect as friends, peers and likeminded spiritual beings, we go beyond the surface of things. We go beyond the beliefs that we’re somehow separate, alone, unacceptable, rejected. We come together to create friendships that celebrate us and support us in who we are, we connect to people who are able to understand and listen to our life stories, challenges and spiritual views. There is no agenda but to show up and connect. There is no expectations, just coming together, showing up how ever you are, as you are.

I personally was very excited and a bit nervous about the event, especially as I was representing Mata Tripta Darbar as well as being a non-binary woman myself. It can feel vulnerable to open ourselves up to showing who we truly are. It takes time and effort and lots of self-compassion. It’s an ever-evolving journey to really become who we truly are, to show up in the world as ourselves. This is why I’m so grateful for this meetup, it really showed me the diversity of our Rainbow Sikh community, just even with us four in the room. The unwavering acceptance and recognition that flowed from person to person.


I really hope you join us for our next meetup on the 6th of November, at Mata Tripta darbar in Birmingham. There’s so much connection and friendship to be had within this community. Please join us in building it, for a fairer, more equal, more compassionate world to come.

Everyone at Sarbat is really excited about our regular events in Birmingham continuing from the 6th of November 2016. A dedicated space on our online forum has been created for you to discuss items that you may wish to discuss during our Birmingham meets. We hope to see you there.

If you wish to have such events in your city/local gurudwara please get in touch.

Everyone pictured here gave their permission to be photographed and shared. Sarbat would never post your photo without consent.

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