2014 Nov – The Singh Project


Sarbat would like to invite you to our last event of 2014 – “The Singh Project”, on 15th of November at 12 PM at Framers gallery, London. The Singh Project is a photo exhibition that showcases the beauty and diversity of the two most ubiquitous symbols of Sikhism: the beard and turban.
With over 30 million Sikhs in the world, there is an incredible amount of diversity within the community, and the Singh portrait project by London-based photographers Amit and Naroop, is all about highlighting the diversity of these men who all share a common faith.
Venue: Framers Gallery, 36 Windmill Street, London, W1T 2JT
Nearest Tube: Goodge Street
• Exhibition- we request all to gather at the main entrance and the tour of the exhibition will start at 1205 PM.
• After event café- we invite you to an after event social gathering at a café nearby. We will discuss the events that were held in 2014, and we request your feedback in improving our future events and in setting the agenda for the next year.

If you require any additional information, please do not hesitate to contact us here, via twitter or Facebook and we look forward to meeting you all at the gallery and for a social evening afterwards.
The Sarbat phone will be manned on the day (except at times when during the talk it may be switched off) and you can reach us on 07779 575 099


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