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28th of November 2020 #SarbatSocial on Marriage Equality & the Sikh faith

Discussion notes from breakout sessions (In no particular order)

What does marriage equality look like?

Sikh identity is an identity of a people and not necessarily a sign of religious observance – there are conversations around the youth

How do we re-imagine what marriage should look like?

If you cannot reimagine equal Anand Karaj – you will not be able to get there.

Understanding of Punjabi culture – very little movement creating/allowing for our own spaces

Debate of Identity vs Tradition vs Religion vs Faith

The wedding ceremony is such a powerful connection with the Gurus.

Patriarchy – run by Jat men

Not even sure if terms exist in Punjabi for LGBT+ identities – heterosexual?

How can we make it happen? Allyship & Raising awareness of LGBT+ people

Having dialogue with other conversations (interfaith) – learn from one another

Also work with other marginalised groups

The historical context of the Sikh faith – short but packed history – The ceremony has evolved (e.g. Sati was occurring frequently at one time in India). British insisted to have current maryada.

The context of faith is society – and there must be symbiosis.

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