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Supporting Black Lives and Being Effective Allies – A statement

Sat Sri Akal

Against the backdrop of a pandemic, Black Lives Matter became a global rallying cry sparked by systemic and structural racism and violence against all black people.

Sarbat recognises:

  • the personal, structural and systemic racism, in particular colourism that exists within our communities;
  • the inequities that stem from colonial legacies;

Throughout Sikh history, Sikh Gurus and  Sikh ancestors have championed human rights, equality and fought for egalitarian societies for all. Recognising the Divine in all, we follow these traditions to stand in unity and solidarity for the rights of all black lives.

Sarbat calls on

  •  The Sikh Panth to:
    • Educate ourselves of the sources of our biases racism, colorism and casteism
    • Unlearn internalized racism and align ourselves with Gurmat values of equality
    • Use and add their voice to;
      • speak out against racism and colourism, 
      • demand social justice and;
      •  equality  within their communities
  • Actively participate in the initiatives of Sikh organizations who are focused mainly on anti-discriminatory work
  • Sikh Leaders to:
    • Champion and promote anti-racism through their platforms 
    •  Advocate for the review of policing on in marginalized communities
  •  Gurudwaras
    • Create inclusive places of workshops through:
      • Providing translations of scriptures, sign posts, etc in local languages
      • Creating welcome committees
    • Develop and providing anti-racism learning programmes to the sangat in Panjabi and local languages
    • Support black owned business when procuring good and services
    • Support community based action through the provision of langar 

Authored primarily by Gurchaten on behalf of Sarbat

Supported by The Black Sikh Initiative

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