24th of June 2020 – fourteenth #OpenMinds

Open Minds April 2020 – Community during lockdown

It was great to see a mixture of longstanding and newer members at June’s online Open Minds meeting last week. We talked about the word ‘community’ and how our sense of community has been affected by the lockdown.

We took advantage of Zoom’s new breakout room function and people were split into 2 groups to start thinking about the topic. When we came back together, we talked about the difference between a ‘forced’ community – like family – and the community or network that we get to choose as we move through education, employment and other activities. Most of us have found a community or network, in the form of friends or family, that accepts the LGBTQ+ part of our identity.

We also talked about the power of finding a community where you can show your ‘authentic self’ and how some of us have experienced this taking part in Sarbat’s online social meetings that have been taking place during lockdown. Feedback to Sarbat has been positive and people have commented on how happy it has made them feel part of an international

We will need to continue with online meetings for the next couple of months at least. We talked about ways to open up the meeting to new attendees and the need to continue to integrate the Open Minds project with the other work that Sarbat and Taraki have been doing during the lockdown.

In response to suggestions from the group, our next 2 meetings will think about how Punjabi culture can affect LGBTQ+ relationships and how we can manage family relationships and sexuality.

Next Online Meeting Date: Wednesday 29th of July 2020 18:00 – 19:15. If you’d like to attend please email us at and Kuljit will get back to you with more information.

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