Tenth #OpenMinds on 26th of February 2020

Thank you to St Luke’s Community Centre for hosting February’s Open Minds (Khula Mana) LGBTQ+ Support Group. The group was facilitated by Dr Kuljit Bhogal on behalf of Sarbat and Taraki.
It was great to see a mix of new and familiar faces. We started the discussion by talking about our own LGBTQ+ histories and who had inspired us when we were growing up. We talked about the difficulty of finding LGBTQ+ role models who looked like us or understood what growing up as an immigrant or child of immigrants meant. We also talked about the recent history of LGBTQ+ people in London including the HIV/ AIDS crisis and more positive developments like Club Kali.

We talked about the fact that the modern label ‘LGBTQ+’ is quite a new way of thinking about people who don’t fit the typical heterosexual way of being in the world. LGBTQ+ history is often not documented or forgotten, and this can make it look like they didn’t used to exist. Some pre-colonial cultures had developed spaces for ‘third gendered’ people. You can find out more information about South Asian LGBT history here: .

The conversation changed and we talked more about our personal family histories, imagining what must have been like to come to the UK as a new immigrant from South Asia or Africa. We talked about trauma and how the hurt of trauma might still be affecting our parents or grandparents. We decided to think more about intergenerational trauma at our next London meeting.

Future Meeting Dates

Wednesday 25th of March 6pm – 8pm, St Luke’s Community Centre (Eventbrite)
Wednesday 29th of April 6pm – 8pm, St Luke’s Community Centre

Tuesday 31st of March 6pm – 8pm, Birmingham Open Media (Eventbrite)

Please contact us at if you would like to find out more.

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