Sarbat’s new year message
January 1st, 2017 by sarbat


Dear friends and well-wishers

Failure to confront reality by it’s true nature and calling it something it clearly isn’t is not for 2017. Sarbat will always call a spade a spade as we care far more about the welfare of our LGBT brothers and sisters than people or media institutions who deny the underlying nature of reality. A reality that fills coffins and graveyards of innocent victims of Islamic terrorism with sickening regularity. There is no denying that a substantial proportion of muslims have failed to control the growth of this poison within their communities. This poison of Islamic terrorism now infects the entirety of the planet with certain groups such as LGBT people being particularly vulnerable.

In 2017, Sarbat will not associate with people or institutions who stand for dishonesty or conflate facts for their own short term aims. Sarbat champions free speech and won’t be bullied into accepting this as ‘the norm’ of living in a diverse, globalised and multicultural world.

Lookout for our 2017 calendar of events focussing on the importance of freedom of speech and its importance for LGBT people everywhere. We look forward to working with ex-muslims, reform-minded muslims, other LGBT and non-LGBT groups standing for free speech.

Wishing everyone an honest, censor free and fantastic 2017.

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