2016 Oct – #ComeTogetherInBirmingham 2nd October 2016

Sarbat is back after our warm summer break with a return to Birmingham.

We’re gathering together for tea and snack on Sunday 2nd of October at 1pm. The venue is Mata Tripta Darbar, housed within the Northside Welcome Centre, 176A Streetly Road, Birmingham, B23 7AL.
This is a safe space for all genders and sexualities to come and get together and make new friends.
There will be a short Gurdwara program Sunday morning 10am, all welcome to come to that and hang around until the Sarbat meet at 1pm.
This event is open to people of all religion (or non-religion for that matter), race, gender, political opinion and sexualities. Sarbat never discriminates.
Please share this message with your friends and contacts, it’s time for us to #ComeTogetherInBirmingham

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