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Same-Sex Marriage in the UK

The British Government is undertaking a consultation in respect of the proposal to introduce same-sex marriage to England and Wales. The consultation period will last until 14th June 2012.

Sarbat is wholeheartedly in support of the proposal for true equality for gay men and women on the issue of marriage, and we have contributed our voice to the debate by participating in the consultation.

If you wish to add your voice to this issue, please visit and complete the form.

We have also added our name to a letter which will be sent to MSPs in Scotland to bring about a similar change in legislation there.

Please also read our open letter to the Prime Minister and to Lord Singh of Wimbledon –

If you would like to find out more about Sikhism and same-sex marriages, please read our leaflet –

7 replies on “Same-Sex Marriage in the UK”

Either this is a fake webite or the owner is very brave. This whole website goes againt what Sikhi stands for. The fact that you are still referring to yourselves as Sikhs is a sin in itself. I tried to refrain myself from speaking my mind as I know you and everyone else involved will most definately be punished after life… But really think you should take off your distaars, cut your hair, give up your kirpans

Sat sri akal, Pradeep Kaur. Thank you for your insight into this matter. We welcome all views, as Sikhi is a religion which is about constant learning and striving. We are all students, and we look to the touch stone of Gurbani for showing us how to lead our lives. As Guru Nanak Dev Ji himself said, “Hum Nahi Changey, Bura Nahin Koi”, and that is one of the lines of Gurbani that we hold close to our hearts as Sikhs. May waheguru give you all the blessings that you deserve.

Disgraceful that you are attacking Lord Singh. Why are there no pictures of this supposed “sarbat” association?!

Sat sri akal Singh Ji.

As you can see, we are not attacking Lord Singh but in fact welcoming him to attent Pride in London with us and walk in solidarity with the LGBT Sikh community.

You would also be more than welcome to join your gay brothers and sisters on the procession, and we can talk about LGBT issues in harmony.

With kindness and love,


I may not agree with the lifestyle that these Sikhs live, but I do believe in the concept that our 9th Guru Sahib gave his life for. The right for them to live their lifestyle w/o persecution from other Sikhs or non Sikhs alike. I personally have not found a direct like in gurbani, NOR does homosexuality go against nature (as many mammals and animals are engaged in male to male sexual contact) or hukam. The question I have is, how does this go against hukam if everything is in Akal Purakh’s hukam? So, w/o taking to much time, I don’t find homosexuality a fitting lifestyle for myself, but who am I to tell someone else what to do and what not to do. Akal Purakh has a reason for his actions and his creations and homosexuals (sikh or not); are His creation as well. May those Sikhs who are currently being persecuted by their own fellow sikhs live in chardi kala and forgive us for our narrow ideologies.

So what Pradeep is saying is that if you are born as a gay into a Sikh family then you have no right to be a Sikh ….so what should these gays do? Leave their families because God made them different….you should grow up and stop being prejudiced…

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