The Sikh Channel discussion – Sarbat’s view

This evening (25th May 2011) saw a discussion take place on the Sikh Channel in the UK on their ‘Sikh Ethics’ strand on the issue of homophobia and homosexuality within the Sikh community. The reaction from callers to the show was quite strong and unprecedented, and according to the presenters of the strand, the calls were so extreme in their language and content that none of them could be broadcast on the show itself.

Sarbat would like to commend the Sikh Channel for raising the issue. Whilst our views on the topic are perhaps obvious, we welcome any and all opportunities for discussions to take place in a respectful manner, even with individuals who believe that Sikhi does not or cannot condone or tolerate homosexuality.

We at Sarbat hope that there will be further opportunities to have such reasoned discussions.

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