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Sarbat Social – Code of Conduct

Code of Conduct for Members at Sarbat Social Events

  • To ensure that all members are made welcome and to treat each other with respect.
  • To ensure that no member feels intimidated by other members.
  • To respect the opinions, views and lifestyles of all members.
  • To respect the wishes of members at all stages of coming to terms with their sexuality or gender identity, especially those who are new to the group and scene.
  • To not push individuals beyond their limits, whilst being aware of one’s own limits.
  • Violent or threatening behaviour or any perceived threat will not be tolerated.
  • To respect the values of the group.
  • To respect the confidentiality of members outside of the group.
  • To remember that this is a safe and comfortable environment for all people, regardless of people‚Äôs sexuality or relationship status.
  • To bear in mind that not everyone at the group will be as confident about their sexuality or gender identity as others, and to act accordingly and be sensitive to the comfort levels of other members.
  • Drugs will not be tolerated within the group environment.
  • Members should ensure that the safety of the group be maintained.
  • If unpleasant encounters occur with fellow members, either in the context of the social meeting or outside of it, then raise it with the facilitators who will respect your confidentiality and try to deal with the matter appropriately.

Sarbat Social events are to allow people to meet like-minded individuals in a safe and pleasant environment for socialising and to provide support for one another.

Although you do not have to be Sikh or LGBTQ+ to participate, the main focus of the Sarbat Social events will be on Sikh and LGBTQ+ issues, and you will be expected to respect that focus at all times.

Please stick to the Code of Conduct, and most of all, enjoy the Sarbat Social events!

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Hi,i am Angad Arora and attending this event for the first time.I feel blessed to have found this group ,and would like to share and learn about lgbt issues from a Sikh view,being an lgbt Sikh man and also to be with like minded folks.

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